MyBBWDate Members

MyBBWDate has recently entered a beta stage, the site let a small amount of members in just to make sure everything is working correctly. Luckily I was one of the people they let into the site and I must say I was very impressed with the both the members and the simplicity of the site. MyBBWDate has made it very easy to locate people in your area and then instantly start chatting with them. Paid members will also enjoy a free email system so even when you’re not online people can contact you and you can respond to them later. If you haven’t done so already you can head over to the site and sign up for a free trial. For more MyBBWDate news, be sure to check back soon.

MyBBWDate Trial

MyBBWDate has been an adult dating site that I have been talking about for quite some time now. It’s been awhile since my last update and I’m here to announce that the site has finally been launched, it is however only being tested and is not ready for use just yet. The beta version of the site can be seen at if you are interested in checking it out. From what I understand the developers of MyBBWDate are currently working out issues with the site and it will soon be ready for it’s grand opening, something that myself and many others have been waiting for! Once the site is ready to go be sure to check back for information about the MyBBWDate free trial that you’ll be able to enjoy, just for being a reader of my blog.

MyBBWDate Update

I was sincerely hopeful that sometime this week MyBBWDate would go live and be available to the BBW community. At this point it seems as though the site won’t be launching until sometime next week. Once I get word that the site has opened up I will be sure and post an update so that all of my readers can check out the site. Like I mentioned in a previous post I’m sure that MyBBWDate will be offering a free trial to help grow their member base, I’ll do my best to make sure that all of my readers are able to take advantage of this offer. While we are waiting for the launch there are some alternatives that you guys should check out. One of my readers left a comment saying that they have found a lot of success using HookupBBW. The site isn’t specifically for women but it seems like the clientele is much better than what you’ll find on your typical online dating site. Stay tuned, MyBBWDate will be available soon!

MyBBWDate Official Launch

MyBBWDate is on the verge of being released and I can’t wait! I’ve been informed that within three weeks the site will go live and be ready to the BBW community. As most of you know there aren’t many sites that take care of plus size women, being one myself I find it hard to locate people that are nearby and looking for someone like myself. I truly believe that MyBBWDate is going to change all that. To help get the word out about the site people will be able to take advantage of a free, no risk trial. I encourage any of my blog readers to utilize the trial once the site does come out, after all there aren’t many BBW dating sites around. After the site is officially launched I will be sure and make another post so that all my readers can check it out. If possible I’ll also try to find a link for the MyBBWDate free trial.

MyBBWDate News

I’m disappointed to have to say that MyBBWDate has still not launched. While waiting for the site to launch I have been utilizing a site called HookupBBW. As the title suggests the site does focus on serving the BBW community, however the site isn’t specifically for women. Although I can’t promise anything, most dating sites offer free trials when they first launch in order to attract more members. I’m hoping that MyBBWDate follows this same trend and gives everyone the opportunity to check out the site free of charge. If they do I’ll be sure and post the information here so that everyone can take advantage of it. In the mean time, if anyone reading this has BBW sites they have had success with feel free to leave a comment on any of my posts with the information. I’d love to check them out! Check back soon for my next MyBBWDate update.


MyBBWDate is an all new dating site that will soon be launched. As I mentioned in my original post this site will cater specifically to plus size women. Online dating, at least for me has always been a bit of a struggle because most men online aren’t looking for someone like myself. Or maybe they just can’t handle me, who knows!? I think that once MyBBWDate launches it will be much easier for myself and others to find exactly what they’re looking for, whether that be a one night stand, a long term relationship, or just someone to talk to. By the time I update this blog again I’m hoping I can let everyone know exactly when MyBBWDate is launching, how much the site is going to cost, and I’d also like to post a picture of what I plan on using for my profile. Anyone reading this is more than welcome to ask questions or comment on anything I’ve written, you can do so by simply leaving a comment on my post! Thanks!


Welcome to my new blog, I created this blog to talk about a new site I found called MyBBWDate. There are not many sites out there that cater specifically to the BBW community, let alone ones that focus primarily on female clientele, MyBBWDate does exactly that. The site has not launched yet but I’m very excited to become a member of the site once it does officially launch. I will regularly update this blog with more information about the site as it becomes available, and I will also be sure to write about any experiences I have on the site, I sure hope there’s many! Check back soon for more information about MyBBWDate.